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Christopher Lundy: Modern Illuminist Master

Seattle-born Christopher Lundy is a contemporary artist who has developed a unique style of his own in the Modern Illuminist technique. Inspired by the works of Vincent Van Gogh and Salvador Dali, Lundy's art is defined by the art of reflecting light through painting.

Lundy started his artistic journey at the age of 5 and has studied and trained in France, Spain, and Hawaii, visiting and gaining inspiration from many other travels in between. During his stay in Montmartre, Paris's 18th arrondissement, Lundy studied under French masters and discovered his artistic style through years of experimentation with a unique combination of materials.

Lundy combines resins with various mediums to create pieces that are truly awe-inspiring. His unique materials include fair trade Indonesian tree saps, hand-blown glass, diamonds, precious gemstones, micas, hand-crafted paints, Diamond Dust, metals, and much more. Lundy's art is created on hand-stretched canvas or hardwood canvas, and he uses extreme temperatures to manipulate and blend his materials, creating the spectacular flows in his contemporary artwork. This unique technique has been created and developed by Lundy and is one of a kind.

Lundy's homes in the Mountains of Colorado and on the Hawaiian Islands allow for both an adventurous lifestyle and inspiration to create spectacular art. When not in one of his studios, Lundy enjoys hiking, reading a good book, traveling and exploring new places, snowboarding, and celebrating life with his wife, River.

Lundy's works are a testament to the power of light in art, and his Modern Illuminist technique is a unique addition to the contemporary art world.

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