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Step into the enchanting world of artistic alchemy with Lundy, a master Alchemical Artist who gives life to his creations through transcendental meditation and a surrender to the unknown. Just like Michelangelo saw the angel in the marble and carved until he set it free, Lundy looks beyond the surface, channeling the essence of each piece to reveal its true nature.


Each piece starts with a canvas as organic as nature itself, handcrafted using the finest natural materials sourced from the world-renowned Windmill created paints from the Netherlands, De Kat Windmill. Each brushstroke is infused with gemstones, micas, precious metals, diamond dusts, hand-blown glass, Swarovski crystals, flowers, French stained glass, and other enchanting materials, chosen for their innate beauty and mystical properties.


The journey continues with the resin process, bringing each piece to life layer by layer. Every painting is infused with a stunning three-dimensional quality that lures the viewer into a mesmerizing trance. Lundy's creativity knows no bounds, and he uses high heat to melt and manipulate the mediums, resulting in a fusion of art and science that is unparalleled. Each layer is sealed within the resin, locking in the essence of the piece and its untold story.


Some of Lundy's works feature sculpted trees atop finished backgrounds, created with multiple layers of acrylic, oil, and hand-mixed paints. The process is a journey through time, taking several weeks to over a year to complete, but the result is a one-of-a-kind work of art.


In the Dimensions series, Lundy and his wife River Lotus pushed the boundaries of their artistry even further by incorporating hand-blown glass into their already mesmerizing creations. The glass is designed and blown by the pair in Pensacola, Florida, a true labor of love and artistry. Lundy and Lotus use high heat to mold individual pieces of Indonesian tree resin into the desired shapes before painstakingly painting and fusing each piece of hand-blown glass within the final layers of the painting. The resulting works are breathtaking, with the glass components adding an ethereal quality to the already awe-inspiring three-dimensional resin creations. This level of attention to detail and craftsmanship sets Lundy and Lotus's work apart, making their art truly unparalleled and transformative.


Lundy's artistry is unmatched, a testament to his ability to blend the natural and the mystical and take us on a journey beyond our wildest imaginations. Step into his mystical world and experience the transformative power of his art for yourself.



Unique mediums around the world

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sumatra resin.jpg

Left: De Kat Windmill, Nederlands

Above: Fair trade tree resin from Indonesia.

Right: Stained Glass Chartres Cathedral, France

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